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How some textbooks make kanji learning difficult

Have you ever tried learning kanji? Found it difficult? It's maybe not your fault!
Here is how the textbook GENKI teaches them:

Lesson # 3 10 13 15 22
"ON" reading

Although they have a component in common and 3 of them have the same pronunciation, they are taught in different lessons! Worse, the simplest kanji () doesn’t come first!!

KANJI-Link's approach

On KANJI-Link, this type of kanji will always be introduced in the same lesson! This way, you will be able to:

  • - focus on the component that changes
  • - naturally get used to breaking down kanji in smaller units
  • - differentiate look-alike kanji
  • - save some “space” in your brain to memorize the different readings and the vocabulary

Learning kanji will always be a long and difficult journey.
But with KANJI-Link, you will learn kanji efficiently!

Before we start…

Read the introduction! It will help you understand why there are different readings, what learning strategies you can use, and you will also discover the most frequent radicals!